Do Snoring Chin Straps Work?

Do Snoring Chin Straps Work?

Like many snorers, I too had avoided several snoring chin straps in the past. This was primarily because I feared discomfort, difficulty in operation and couldn’t really rely on the products that I came across. But once I ended up with the right device, I realized that it led to a significant difference to my overall lifestyle.

When it comes to choosing the right anti-snoring mouthpiece, one of the primary things that you should check is the fit and the comfort of the device. Your device is only perfect when it happens to be comfortable to wear. Additionally, it should also be backed by some of the best features. In case you’re still skeptical about the features and are wondering, do snoring chin straps work; here’s everything that you need to know about it.

What makes a good snoring chin strap?

Two primary features that every snoring chin strap should come with, is softness and flexibility. Softness is essential as it would render the necessary comfort. At the same time, it should also be flexible enough so that you get the chance of opening and closing your mouth while talking or even sipping water with the strap-on. In either case, a good snoring strap will ensure that your lower jaw is well extended forward and that you experience no difficulties in performing your daily chores while using it.

Another thing that you should specifically ensure is the build-quality of the product. A good snoring chin strap is usually made from high-quality materials. This material does not contain any BPA or Latex. At the same time, it is also approved by the Food and Drug Administration department of the United States. A good quality snoring strap is made from materials which, is well tested and which does not come with any acrylics. Not only should it look comfortable, but it should actually offer you real-time comfort.

Most of these snoring straps also come with airflow posts. These posts further ensure that you’re not able to completely keep your mouth closed while also blocking the airflow, as you sleep. This indicates that the strap is a great product for individuals who have the tendency to breath from their mouth. The mouth straps also come in a set of two. So if one does not give you the expected results, you can always use the second one that is likely to extend your jaw a little farther.

The final thing that you should consider before buying a snoring chin strap is its fitting process. There is no point in splurging in a product which is difficult to fit. So try to choose something that is soft, can be easily operated and can be quickly trimmed if it happens to be bigger than the expected size. Maintaining these chin straps is equally simple as you can easily clean them with dish soap and your toothbrush.

Considering the fact that these are the features that go into making a good snoring chin strap, always splurge on a product that comes equipped with these tweaks.

Do Snoring Chin Straps Work?

As I already told you, I had always been skeptical about using these snoring chin straps. But once I stumbled upon the right product, there was absolutely no looking back. If you’ve worn a mouthpiece in the past, and have completely hated your overall experience from it, you will really love the design of a snoring chin strap. The one that I use is not designed like an invasive set of plastic which is primarily meant for locking my mouth. This one lets me breathe and the material is really comfortable around my gums. Furthermore, I also loved the fact that it takes up relatively lesser space when compared to other leading mouthpieces.

My mouthpiece also seemed to work because it comes with airflow holes. These holes let me wear the product like a breather along my mouth. So if you’re someone who suffers from nasal polyps, deviated ranges of the septum or even issues related to sinus, this mouthpiece will let proper airflow to pass through your mouth. As a result, your sleep will be a tad more comfortable and relaxing. You can also wear this piece if your nose is stuffy. It’ll let enough air pass and also keep you comfortable, all the way around.

How does a chin strap work?

As you wear a chin strap, right before you sleep, it will act a sling which is meant for holding your jaw in proper position. Owing to this, your mouth will stay closed and the upfront position of your jaw will further reduce the impending risk of your throat and tongue tissues falling along to get your airways blocked. As a final result, your snoring will be reduced drastically.

If you have a prior history of being affected by sleep apnea, then your doctor is likely to ask you to use this strap. The chin strap here is used as a continuous and positive airway pressure machine. The mechanism of this device will force air right along with your throat with the help of a mask. In this process, the pressure incurred by the air which flows in will play a vital role in keeping your airway open.

However, if you are someone who has the habit of sleeping with their mouth open, this can lead to counterproductive effects. Here, the air will enter your throat through the mask while escaping out of your mouth and in the entire process; it will not perform your intended function of keeping the airways open. This will further lead to deteriorating your condition and due to this reason, doctors recommended patients diagnosed with sleep apnea (who sleep while keeping their mouths open) to use this snoring chin strap along with proper and consistent therapies of CPAP.

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Chin straps are therefore one of the simplest and easiest anti-snoring devices. They are simple in operation and incredibly comfortable. The most basic form of these straps comes with a fabric cup that is meant to support your chin and two straps that extend along the sides of your face reaching the top of your head.