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An Insightful Review

Sleeping next to (or near) a person who snores can be a nightmare. Snoring can be mild or severe and no matter the intensity, you would rather enjoy a quiet peaceful night. Airflow obstruction through the mouth or nose is responsible for this problem. Regarding obstruction of the air flow, there is an array of causes. Being overweight, allergies, sinus infections, and other conditions are some of the top causes of this problem. Snoring can be related to sleep apnea; which is a condition that causes breathing to pause at various intervals while asleep. To this end, people who suffer in this manner need an effective solution to avert the possible dire repercussions.

The list of potential health risks associated with snoring and sleep apnea is long. In addition to contending with poor quality sleep, you also become a bother to your family members. This condition can cause light sleeping, interrupted breathing and heart problems. One of the best ways to treat snoring and sleep apnea is through oral appliance therapy. This is where an oral device is used while sleeping to keep your airway open. There are many oral devices in the market and one of them is the ZQuiet mouthpiece. This article reviews this device to discover how it works and whether it is the solution you are looking for.

What is it?

ZQuiet is an oral device or appliance that was created to solve your snoring problem. Designed by a dentist, it is a simple yet effective tool that will allow you and your family to sleep soundly every night.

How does it work?

ZQuiet works differently from similar products in the market. It employs a unique technology called the Living Hinge Technology. This cutting-edge feature allows you to assume any position while sleeping without having to worry about the device shifting. In fact, your mouth can open and close at your pleasure without discomfort. This mouthpiece works by effectively preventing the jaw from falling back. The jaw is kept stable by keeping it forward. This all works to keep the airflow clear and when this happens, no vibrations will be created; eliminating the annoying snoring sound.

How is it used?

Using ZQuiet is very easy. After you order, you will receive two unique mouthpieces. Fit the device in your mouth and if it is not a perfect fit, try the second one. Because there is no prior fitting needed to buy this product, these two options allow you to find an ideal fit. Some adjustments can be made easily when a mouthpiece is too big.


– This oral appliance is made out of a plastic that is approved for dental and medical use by the Food and Drug Administration FDA. In addition, this device is classified as a class II medical device by the FDA.

– One of the two mouthpieces received in the package after buying this product has more jaw offset. This ensures that you get the most fitting device.

– There is no need for individual fitting, unlike other mouthpieces in the market.

Can anyone use it?

This device is safe for most people who want to get rid of their snoring problem. Those who have sinus conditions, nasal polyps, and even a deviated septum will find this solution ideal. Having said this, people who have full dentures should not use this product. Those who have very weak teeth, crowns and even bridgework may want to seek medical advice before using this product.

Like with all things in life, there are certain downsides to expect with this product. The following information digs into the merits and the demerits that have been observed while using this mouthpiece.

Top features

– This device is made using approved medical grade material. To this end, this product is soft and will not cause any major irritation. Also, no BPA or latex is present in the material.

– The device is effective in keeping the air flowing while you sleep. In essence, it is a good solution for snoring.

– The device uses a new technology that allows flexibility to speak and even to sip water.

– You get two options by getting two mouthpieces after you order. This ensures that you get the best fit. If the mouthpiece does not fit, you can trim or file it to meet your desired fit. This makes it versatile.

– You do not have to go through a prior fitting process that can be tedious and time-consuming.

– Cleaning this product is easy; a clean toothbrush and mild dish soap will do the trick.

– Because this device will cover the teeth, people who have a habit of grinding their teeth while they sleep can also find relief.

– This product can last many months after using it every night.

– Comes with a money back guarantee to ensure that you do not pay for something you do not find helpful.

Other Criticisms

– Many potential customers are concerned about getting the best fit. Even if big mouthpieces can be trimmed, small products will present a huge fitting problem. One size cannot fit all.

– People who have weak teeth or dentures will not find this product useful.

– Using a product that does not fit properly may not solve your snoring problem.

Are there positive user-reviews for ZQuiet?

When you perform a quick search online for user reviews on this product, you will be happy to note that there are many positive reviews. People have varied experiences and it is eye-opening to read these reviews so that you can know what to expect. Reviews that are not positive will highlight some of the demerits mentioned above. Regarding the cost, it is fairly priced. In fact, you will only be charged the full product cost if you like the product. Otherwise, you pay an upfront amount for shipping and try it for 30 days.

Is it worth the money?

Before buying any oral appliance for snoring, looking at the upsides and downsides is crucial. Then, look at how the product works and determine whether it is effective or not. Using such a device for snoring comes with at least a 94% success rate. There is no doubt that ZQuiet stands out from the rest owing to the employment of the Living Hinge Technology. In light of this, spending your money on this device can give you value for money. Using ZQuiet is no doubt a great way to deal with snoring and sleep apnea. The 30 days trial ensures that you have nothing to lose. Test and see how well it works for you.